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We serve clients across every segment of the upstream market, utilizing our chemical expertise and field operations experience to provide strategic support. 

Whatever your chemical problems are, our solutions are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our experienced scientists and engineers are here to help.  Contact us by phone at 432-242-3192 or email at

Consulting Services

Technicians deployed to collect and test water and chemical samples on-site to verify performance specifications. As a third-party service, we provide unbiased recommendations for optimizing chemical usage and minimizing fluid compatibility or contamination issues. We eliminate any potential conflicts of interest related to validations performed by the suppliers or service providers.

Our GK MOBILE LABS provide the latest testing equipment, experienced chemical consultants and/or technicians.  We monitor water quality, biocide efficiency, or chemical performance during hydraulic fracturing or mill-out operations. We assist our clients in optimizing their chemical programs to ensure optimal performance. Benefits of on-site monitoring services include: process efficiency gains, effective chemical solutions, and costs savings.

With extensive knowledge in formulation, testing, and deployment of completion and production chemicals, we provide support for a wide variety of oilfield chemistry including: Friction reducers, surfactants, biocides, and scale inhibitors.

We are dedicated to staying up-to date on the latest technologies and chemical options available in the market. With so many options in the market, our clients can find an unbiased channel for identifying, vetting, and qualifying oilfield suppliers and chemical product options to meet their specifications.

We partner with E&P companies to develop custom solutions to optimize their chemical usage. Our programs diagnose issues related to chemical performance and predict potential issues. We provide analysis, data interpretation, engineering support,  chemical testing and validation services.

We offer on-line and in-person training courses ranging from fluid chemistry, product application, and water testing. Training courses can be customized to support in-house continuous learning programs.

Refer to our Consulting Services Brochure for more details.

Testing Capabilities

Water is a vital to oilfield operations and understanding the composition of the source waters (produced water, recycled water. brines, etc.) is critical. Compatibility with production and completion chemicals important to fluid performance. We provide on and off-site water analysis to identify over 20 different properties including: salts, metals, density, total dissolved solids, total suspended solids, and total oil and grease.

Fluid rheology or viscosity plays a critical role in high viscosity friction reducer fluids. Our laboratories are equipped with viscometers and rheometers to evaluate fluid viscosity under various shear and temperature conditions. We can perform various tests including: Gel hydration, crosslink time, HPHT rheology, breaker profile, and viscoelasticity.

Friction reducers are the main component in Slickwater fluids. The ability to effectively reduce frac pressures is critical to the success of a hydraulic fracturing operation. Products can be evaluated in a traditional laboratory or in the field. A friction loop is a great tool for product development and pre-job planning. We offer the only mobile friction loops in the field. We quantify and monitor friction reducer performance on-site with field waters and chemicals, eliminating conflicts with the use of laboratory samples or synthetic waters.

The presence of bacteria in oilfield waters contributes to corrosion of equipment and/or the formation of H2S in the well. It is critical to implement the proper disinfection program to ensure the integrity of the well. We provide on and off-site testing services to monitor biocide/oxidizer efficiency and to validate proper usage. Test capabilities include: Serial dilution bottles (Sulfate-reducing, acid-producing, and Iron Reducing Bacteria) and ATP testing.

Water chemistry can provide insight into potential for formation of scale such as calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate in the wellbore. Scale leads to a reduction in production and down-time related to workover operations. With increased use of produced waters, it is critical to understand the scaling potential of the water used. We use the latest modeling software and evaluate scale inhibitor efficiency to ensure the proper chemistry and dosage are implemented.

We can provide a variety of testing services including, clay stabilization, surfactant wetting properties, oil recovery, and formation damage. Our testing capabilities continue to expand, for the most current list, contact us today.

Refer to our Testing Services Brochure for more details.

Remote Monitoring

Water is a vital part of oilfield operations and understanding the composition of the source waters (produced water, recycled water. brines, etc.) is critical. We provide ELECTRA remote monitoring systems which can monitor properties including: salts, hardness, ORP,  pH, total dissolved solids (TDS), corrosion, turbidity, and more. Download our service brochure to learn more. 

Our proprietary cloud-based platform allows instant access to all laboratory and remote monitoring data. With smart tracking, it can monitor trends and alert users to critical changes in a process. Learn more about GK DATALINK’s features.

Our monitoring capabilities continue to expand to all areas of oilfield operations. For a detailed list of all our parameters we can monitor contact us today.