Webinar Video Now Available

Webinar - Optimizing Performance of Friction Reducers

Optimizing Performance of Friction Reducer in Produced Water Case Studies Webinar is now available on-demand.  GeoKimika has partnered with Oilfield Basics to provide training materials focused on optimizing completions operations. Owner and Technical Director Tanhee Galindo provides an insight into recommended best practices and lessons learned from their time working with multiple operators in the Permian Basin. The information will help attendees understand the statistics and metrics that drive proper fluid selection and the optimization of friction reducers with produced water. For more details on the course and how to register visit Oilfield Basics website.

Frac Chemistry Training Course

GeoKimika Oil & Gas Launches Online Training Course

GeoKimika Oil & Gas launches first online training course, The Basics of Frac Chemistry. GeoKimika has agreed to develop course material relating to oilfield chemistry, specifically in the realm of complex hydraulic fracturing operations with Oilfield Basics.  The coursework is designed for sales and engineering teams, providing an overview of chemistry types used and application of each to ensure that every dollar spent on stimulation has a positive return on a company’s bottom line. For more details on the course and how to register visit Oilfield Basics website.

Webinar Series – 1

GeoKimika Oil & Gas - Webinar Session

Join GeoKimika Oil & Gas on May 5th 10AM CST for our first Webinar “Produced Water Quality and FR Performance”. Our Technical Director will discuss the variability of produced water and their effect on FR performance.

Topics will include:

-Water overview

-Field examples

-Q&A session



GeoKimika Oil & Gas Remote Monitoring Solutions

April 15, 2020

GeoKimika Oil & Gas enhances field monitoring services with the implementation of GK DATALINK’s real-time data acquisition module. Sensors and other data collection equipment stream data to GK DATALINK, allowing clients to view and analyze data real-time with smart analytics. 

SPE Liquids-Rich Basins Conference

GeoKimika Oil & Gas HVFR Presentation at SPE Liquids Rich Basins

Join GeoKimika Oil & Gas at SPE Liquids Rich Basins Conference on November 7-8, 2019 in Odessa, TX. Our Technical Director will be sharing e-poster   “Sand Transport, Does Viscosity Matter” SPE-197088-MS. The presentation and paper highlight our recent work on High Viscosity Friction Reducers (HVFR’s). For more information and to register visit SPE Liquids Rich Basins website.

Tech to Market

GeoKimika Oil & Gas to Exhibit at Tech to Market 2019

Join GeoKimika Oil & Gas in partnership with GK Oilfield Solutions at Tech to Market on October 24th in Shreveport, LA. The team will be showcasing the latest GK DATALINK features and unveiling new remote monitoring technologies. 

Tech to Market is designed to solve the challenges your local entrepreneurial community faces.

This event strives to identify intricate challenges faced by local startups and to offer solutions to those challenges by bringing together the best in the defined area of expertise.

For more information and to register visit Tech-to-Market website.

Shale Water Expo

GeoKimika Oil & Gas to Exhibit at Shale Water Expo 2019

Join GeoKimika Oil & Gas at Shale Expo 2019 on October 22-23 in Houston, TX. The team will be showcasing our newest testing capabilities and GK DATALINK’s powerful features.  For more information and to register visit Shale Water Expo website.

New Podcast

GeoKimika Oil & Gas - Friction Reducer Deep Dive Featured in Oilfield Basics Podcast

August 22, 2019

In this episode, Tanhee Galindo, Owner and Technical Director of Geokimika Oil and Gas elaborates about friction reducers as they are used in completions. We learn about the design, types, challenges, testing methods, general downhole chemical reactions, benefits, limitations, and so much more.

Podcast listeners get exclusive access to the FR testing guide.

Listen to the podcast or contact us today to learn more about our operations.

Press Release

GeoKimika Announces Plan Spin-Off Its Oilfield Cloud Technology Division as a Separate Company

August 12, 2019
GK Oilfield Solutions Logo

HOUSTON, T.X., Aug. 12, 2019 – GeoKimika Oil & Gas announced today that it plans to spin off its Oilfield Cloud Technology “GK DATALINK” and instrumentation into a standalone entity, GK Oilfield Solutions before the end of Q3 2019. GK Oilfield Solutions will be a pure-play, next-generation oilfield software and instrumentation development company.

The Oilfield Cloud Technology industry is rapidly evolving as E&P companies look to optimize their operations through new automation and data acquisition systems. GeoKimika Oil & Gas has become the leader in on-site testing and developed a unique system enabling the use of chemical performance data to realize real-time optimization at the wellsite. Becoming an independent company represents an important step in GK Oilfield Solutions’ growth and the continued development of its GK DATALINK platform.

“We are incredibly excited about the platform we’ve built, and at the same time we recognize the growing excitement around cloud-based data analytics,” said Tanhee Galindo, Owner of GeoKimika Oil & Gas.  “We are excited to launch this business for long-term success by separating it into an independent, focused company.  At the same time, the separation will help us become more focused on our core growth opportunities in Chemical Testing and On-Site support.”

GeoKimika Oil & Gas’ on-site operations have generated new data that enables clients to monitor their operations and track key performance indicators. GK DATALINK’s customizable solutions and data acquisition instrumentation have allowed the seamless integration of water and chemical data, enabling analytics and predictive capabilities.

GeoKimika Oil & Gas will announce the new management team before the spin-off is completed.  GeoKimika Oil & Gas expects the business will be headquartered in Houston, TX and maintain a significant presence in Midland, TX, among other US locations.

About GeoKimika Oil & Gas

GeoKimika Oil & Gas specializes in chemical testing technologies that help E&P companies optimize their chemical programs and deliver better results. They offer a wide range of consulting services, on-site mobile labs, and testing services to E&P, service providers and chemical manufacturers. For more information visit Geokimika.com