About GeoKimika Oil & Gas

We believe in delivering high-quality, un-biased testing and consulting services for upstream Oil & Gas operations. Our expertise and laboratory testing capabilities allow us to optimize chemical programs to help prevent production issues and minimize costs.

The company started operations in 2016, providing on-site water and bacteria testing services for mill-out operations in the Permian Basin. Real-time data and result interpretation, enabled us to provide customized chemical solutions. Our success during these operations allowed us to expand into hydraulic fracturing and production operations.

We find solutions

We understood the limitations of testing in the laboratory versus the field. In hydraulic fracturing operations, testing had to be performed days in advance at a service or chemical company’s laboratory, often located in a different city or state. This limited the ability to perform quality audits or troubleshoot chemical performance issues in the field. To solve this problem, we developed and deployed the only mobile field friction loops in the U.S. We eliminated the long lead-times and need to ship samples. Our on-site solutions and testing services continue to expand.

We're here for you

Today, we have consulting agreements, a fleet of mobile labs, and a R&D Technology Center that support operations for major E&P companies across the US.

We partner with clients to solve problems related to all aspects of oilfield water and chemical use, selection, and application. By providing fully equipped laboratories and trained technicians on-site, we eliminate delays associated with conventional testing.

Real-time results provide the engineers and consultants the necessary information to make data-based decision in the field.

Work with Us

We work in every segment of upstream oilfield chemistry and understand the performance requirements from manufacturing to end-use.

Our team of scientists and engineers brings over 20 years of experience in oilfield chemistry and fluid design.

Whatever you chemical testing or performance needs are, GeoKimika Oil & Gas is ready to help.