GeoKimika Oil & Gas Announces New Technology and R&D Center

HOUSTON, T.X., December 1, 2020 – GeoKimika Oil & Gas today announced the opening of a Houston-based Technology and R&D Center to support growing Oil & Gas Companies testing needs. The expansion will support stimulation, production, and other sectors of chemical application in oilfield operations.


Demand for independent quality and performance testing of oilfield chemistries continues to grow as E&P companies seek to optimize their operations. “The needs of our oilfield clients have grown outside of field services and existing testing capabilities. We look forward to expanding our reach with a dedicated center that focuses on R&D and expanding support from chemical selection to deployment in the field”, said Kristin Hatch, Owner of GeoKimika Oil & Gas.

The new center will enable additional R&D to leverage the learnings from field testing to improve chemical selection. “Our goal is to increase our support of customer needs and the technical community at large”, said Tanhee Galindo, Technical Director of GeoKimika Oil & Gas. The Technology and R&D facility in Katy, TX is slated to open January 2021.

About GeoKimika Oil & Gas

GeoKimika Oil & Gas specializes in chemical testing technologies that help E&P companies optimize their chemical programs and deliver better results. They offer a wide range of consulting services, on-site mobile labs, and testing services to E&P, service providers and chemical manufacturers. For more information visit