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GeoKimika Announces Plan Spin-Off Its Oilfield Cloud Technology Division as a Separate Company

HOUSTON, T.X., Aug. 12, 2019 – GeoKimika Oil & Gas announced today that it plans to spin off its Oilfield Cloud Technology “GK DATALINK” and instrumentation into a standalone entity, GK Oilfield Solutions before the end of Q3 2019. GK Oilfield Solutions will be a pure-play, next-generation oilfield software and instrumentation development company.
The Oilfield Cloud Technology industry is rapidly evolving as E&P companies look to optimize their operations through new automation and data acquisition systems. GeoKimika Oil & Gas has become the leader in on-site testing and developed a unique system enabling the use of chemical performance data to realize real-time optimization at the wellsite. Becoming an independent company represents an important step in GK Oilfield Solutions’ growth and the continued development of its GK DATALINK platform.
“We are incredibly excited about the platform we’ve built, and at the same time we recognize the growing excitement around cloud-based data analytics,” said Tanhee Galindo, Owner of GeoKimika Oil & Gas. “We are excited to launch this business for long-term success by separating it into an independent, focused company. At the same time, the separation will help us become more focused on our core growth opportunities in Chemical Testing and On-Site support.”
GeoKimika Oil & Gas’ on-site operations have generated new data that enables clients to monitor their operations and track key performance indicators. GK DATALINK’s customizable solutions and data acquisition instrumentation have allowed the seamless integration of water and chemical data, enabling analytics and predictive capabilities.
GeoKimika Oil & Gas will announce the new management team before the spin-off is completed. GeoKimika Oil & Gas expects the business will be headquartered in Houston, TX and maintain a significant presence in Midland, TX, among other US locations.
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