Consulting Services

Consulting services

Field Technical Support 

Our trained field technicians can assist with all water and chemical sample collection and testing samples to verify performance specifications. As a third-party service, we provide unbiased recommendations. Eliminate potential conflicts of interest related to validations performed by the suppliers or service providers.

Our technicians utilize the latest testing equipment and undergo training to ensure competency across applications. to monitor water quality, biocide efficiency, or chemical performance for upstream operations.

Product Testing & Development

With extensive knowledge in formulation, testing, and deployment of completion and production chemicals, we provide laboratory testing support for a wide variety of oilfield chemistry including: Friction reducers, surfactants, biocides, and scale inhibitors.

Chemical Program and Fluid Design

We partner with E&P companies to create testing and monitoring programs to optimize chemical usage and evaluate efficiency. Our programs diagnose issues related to chemical performance and predict potential issues. We provide analysis, data interpretation, engineering support, chemical testing, and validation services.


From beginner to expert course, our training programs cover topics such as fluid chemistry, product application, and water testing. Courses can be customized to support in-house continuous learning programs.

Refer to our Consulting Services Brochure for more details.