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GeoKimika Oil & Gas announces partnership with The BrownWood Group

November 11, 2019

HOUSTON, T.X., Nov 11, 2019 – GeoKimika Oil & Gas and The BrownWood Group announced today a partnership, in which the company will be the exclusive provider of on-site chemical testing and monitoring services for The BrownWood Group.

GeoKimika Oil & Gas has become the leader in third-party chemical and water on-site testing, allowing real-time tracking and optimization at the well site.

“We are thrilled about this partnership and our ability to support The BrownWood Group’s mission to provide best-in-class chemical solutions through unbiased testing. We look forward to working with BrownWood to showcase the value of using on-site testing of water quality and chemical performance to optimize chemical usage” said Tanhee Galindo, Owner of GeoKimika Oil & Gas.

About GeoKimika Oil & Gas

GeoKimika Oil & Gas specializes in chemical testing technologies that help E&P companies optimize their chemical programs and deliver better results. They offer a wide range of consulting services, on-site mobile labs, and testing services to E&P companies, service providers and chemical manufacturers. For more information visit

About The BrownWood Group

The BrownWood Group specializes in providing complete fluid chemical packages to E&P companies. They offer a wide range of chemical solutions for stimulation, completion, and production operations. For more information visit

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